Events 1 - 3  November 2021

In our church building at Woodlands Methodist Church, Woodlands Road, in the  west end of Glasgow, we are offering many and various events to run as a kind of fringe at COP26. From concerts to talks,  they are all free to attend. Many of these events will be online as well as onsite. To join online send us a message and we will send you the passcode as appropriate. Or get in touch about attending in person.
We will start these three days in music and conversation.




The church and its future in the time of Climate Change



Monday 01 November

Nature & Love: Aref Ghobarni is offering to the world meeting in Glasgow for COP26 a simple message of Nature and Love. He uses traditional music and poetry to sweeten our November Glasgow night. This concert starts at 6pm and is free of charge.

Tuesday 02 November

What does the Methodist Church itself do about Climate Change?
Churches face difficult times, not least how they lead in this time of Climate Change. The Methodist Church in Great Britain is calling for smart and decisive actions about Climate Change. But are these only crowd-pleasing words? Or will this be a real commitment in the life of the Church?
This event is led by people responsible for finance, policy and international partnership.
It is time to check what the church does about 'walk the walk' and ask your questions.
This event will also be live on YouTube channel : TrinityMethodistShettleston

Wednesday 03 November

A Scottish night of music, song and poetry. This event will be a relaxing evening to share music and poetry from various part of these islands. An informal event, all those who want to offer a piece of music or poetry will be able to take part. We are meeting from 6pm in the Woodlands church hall. (Please note that no alcohol is allowed in the building.)


Events 4 - 7 November 2021

Over the next few days, Youth groups from different continents will give a series of talks.  This week it will be Africa with a talk from Zambia on Gender issues and from Europe with a presentation from Italy on Youth Engagement . This week will culminate with a world worship time organised by CJ4A. An exiting programme.





Thursday 04 November

Climate Justice and Gender. Jessica, is the COP26 worker for the United Church of Zambia. She is also a journalist and radio personality by profession. Jessica will lead us in our reflection regarding Climate Justice and Gender Issues. The talk will start at 7pm in Woodlands Methodist Church.

Friday 05 November

Climate Justice and Youth Engagement. Irene is from Italy (OPCEMI) and with Ghanaian origins. She believes that "As Christians, we have to protect and take care of our planet as it is said in the Bible. I hope we can make it happen with all our strengths and with the grace of God." The talk will starts at 07pm at the same place as on the previous day.



Saturday 06 & Sunday 07 November

COP26 delegates are resting. We are worshipping. Join us. CJ4A is organising an amazing world time of worship over the two days. You will find more information on the link below.
On the Sunday, Woodlands Methodist Church would have a short service in the church hall from 11am and then we will join the World service in the sanctuary at noon and offer to the world 30 minutes of worship from Glasgow. Join us.


Events  8 - 10 November 2021

We continue to listen to the voices from the four corners of the world, and this week from Fiji and Uruguay. Then we will have a conversation with who is too often  and conveniently portrayed as the 'boggy-person' in this combat for Climate Justice. Join us on this last leg of our fringe COP26 events.





Monday 08 November

Climate Change and the Island Nations - Iemaima is of Samoan descent and is currently living in Fiji and working as the ecumenical enabler for the Pacific Conference of Churches. With her friends "The Pacific Warriors" they will organise a traditional story-telling meeting where people from the Island Nations will share their frontline experience of Climate Change. We will meet at 7pm in the Hall of Woodlands Methodist Church.

Tuesday 09 November

Camila is the COP26 worker for the Methodist Church in Uruguay and studies Atmospheric Sciences in Montevideo. She is a direct witness of the influence of Climate Change on our planet. She will deliver a talk and lead a conversation on the relation between Climate Justice and Energy dependance. It is a CJ4A event and we will meet at 7pm  in the Hall.



Wednesday 10 November

Transitions; beyond political declarations. On this last talk we are deligthed to welcome a representative of the UK Oil and Gas industry who will present to us what the industry is doing to prepare to an inevitable transition to a greener energy economy. This conversation should be stimulating as often the industry is blamed for all the issues but we rarely hear from its representatives. Please note the meeting will start at 05.30pm. It will also be online on a zoom call.