We have two art exhibitions. It is possible to meet the artists either when they are present or by appointment. The artists are very different in style and exploration. Both are exploring nature and creation. We also have various points of information. Feel free to visit the art exhibition and the information points. Entrance is free.


Andrew Zahn


Basia Mindewicz

Movement & Stillness

It is Andrew first exhibition. He lives locally and present his work as following: "There is a tension between stillness and movement in nature. I have been exploring this tension painting trees in a local wood.
Whether movements are set off by wind or changing light, these movements will settle. This characteristic of the perpetual and the still is what I am trying to represent in these paintings"

An iconographer of today and tomorrow

Basia is an iconographer who explores modern spirituality using very traditional means of expression: icons. Basia has brought with her several of her icons - some will be for sale. Basia is based in Edinburgh where she leads Edinburgh School of Icon Painting, the leader icon centre in Scotland.


Information Points

Come to meet those on the ground

In the hospitality area, we will have various display with information on key organisations involved in Climate Change.

  1. Join Public Issue Team -JPIT is a leading lobbying group for various British churches. They advocatea Christian approach(es) to politicians and decision leaders. In the same time, they advise and inform churches on social issues.

  2. All We Can - is the Methodist agency looking after international development and partnership. They are on the frontline with local partners.

  3. The Methodist Church in Great Britain will be present and present what their position is about Climate Change.

  4. We will also have displays from local churches active in adressing Climate Change issues.